Dividend Paying Whole Life

Dividend Paying Whole Life

Dividend Paying Whole Life is very different than Traditional Whole Life Insurance. Financial pundits say that the money you can access in a whole life policy (your cash value), grows much too slowly. They claim you typically won’t have any cash value at all in first couple of years.

Although certainly true of tradition whole life policies, a properly designed cash value maximizing dividend paying whole life policy incorporates little-know riders that dramatically accelerate the growth of your money in the policy so you have up to forty times more cash value than the policies most experts talk about, especially in the early years of the policy. Adding these riders, or options allows you to use your policy as a powerful financial management tool from day one.

With the Dividend Paying Whole Life policies we recommend, you receive a guaranteed and predictable cash value increase every single year– in both good times and bad. In addition, you have the potential to receive dividends. While not guaranteed, the companies we use have paid dividends every year for more than 100 years, including during the Great Depression!

The growth in a whole life policy is not only guaranteed, but also exponential. It’s designed to become more efficient every single year, simply because you stick with it rather than jumping from one investment to another. This gives you built in protection against inflation.

The policy is design consist of a combination of whole life insurance, paid-up-additions, and in some cases a term insurance rider. These policies are highly customized, no two are the same. Hence it extremely important to work with a qualified insurance professional, that understand how these policies work and how to design the policy properly.

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