Cancer Insurance

Cancer Insurance

pays you a lump sum if you’re diagnosed with certain illnesses – like cancer, stroke, or a heart attack. You’ll occasionally see this called Cancer, Heart Attack & Stroke Insurance.

With the diagnosis of cancer or heart disease comes the reality of medical bills, time off for treatments, monies for living expenses, and for some, the cost of high deductibles. Critical Illness Insurance helps provide the resources you need so you can focus on your treatment, not your finances.

You can use this cash for whatever you want. Most people use it to either cover medical bills not covered under their insurance or to replace their income while they recover.

Other common uses include:

    • Out-of-pocket medical expenses
    • Alternative therapies
    • Childcare
    • Groceries
    • Rent/mortgage
    • Insurance
    • Specialized medical equipment
    • Daily hospital stay costs

*Cancer Insurance is available as a stand-alone product.

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